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My name is Cal Henderson. I make things on the Internet! Here are some of them.

Things of significant interest

My personal website, comprised of a weblog and a community message board.
My talks
Presentations I've given over the years.
Ca's code stuff
Random pieces of code.
Things I've written.
Building Scalable Web Sites
My book.
My long-abandoned windows software work
Public SVN
A collection of my open source code.

Things of less significant interest

iamcal.com xmas 2003
The christmas 2003 iamcal.com roundup.
IamCalTrain Mobile
A mobile CalTrain station guide.
The future of social/internet.
Ludicorp Game
A z-game and the only remaining part of GNESpy, a GNE fan site. And one of the first open web APIs.
My other old WoW guild.
Vorpal Bunnies
My old WoW guild
Hunter Loot
A guide to hunter gear in World of Warcraft
Weather Sets
A card collecting game. Created at Open Hack Day Sunnyvale 2008
hCard Fight
Turning Microformats into a game. Created at Open Hack Day NYC 2009
Can Sleep With
A handy guide.
Buzzword Bingo
Created in 2006, so the terms are not quite up to date.
iamcal.com xmas 2001
The christmas 2001 iamcal.com roundup.
iamcal.com xmas 2002
The christmas 2002 iamcal.com roundup.
Javascript Brainfuck Interpreter / Debugger
A debugger and interpreter for the Brainfuck language, written entirely in Javascript.
Paint Game
A game based around guessing paint colors from their names. Almost impossible.
The Ikea Game
An unoffical Ikea game, based on guessing furniture from obscure sweedish names.
GNE Museum
An online museum of the GNE (Game Neverending) prototype game.
Pigeon Street
The world's premier resource of Pigeon Street information. Including pictures and music from the programme.
London Bloggers
A directory of London-based webloggers, organised using the tube map. Containing over 1000 London blogs.
Kaius Systems
My old freelancing company.
The Internet Smilie Database. A collaborative public database of emoticons.
iamcal Amp
A music tracking plugin for winamp, allowing users to send details of each song they play to an online database.
Pixel Fonts
Some fonts I created, back in the distant past. Includes an article on creating your own fonts which was featured in Creative Arts (I think)
Color Vision
1 in 12 people have some sort of color deficiency. When you're designing for the web, this means that 1 in 12 people might not be able to see your site. That's alot of people. This tool helps you simulate the appearance of our site's colors for people with different color visions.
Choose Your Own Adventure
A collaborative "choose your own adventure" site, where readers contribute segmentsw of story. The software used is open source and available for free.
Z Games
A collection of Z-Code/Inform based games. Downloadable and playable online using a java interpreter.
Post-It Planes
A gallery dedicated to the art of making paper aeroplanes with post-it notes.
EsoLang Mailing List FAQ
A Frequently Asked Questions page for the Esoteric Programming Languages mailing list.

Things I made with others

Secret Santa
A service for people with personal web sites, you sign up with your personal details and your amazon wishlist url. Near to christmas, everyone is matched with someone else and sent an email telling them who they are buying a present for.
A DHTML playground, with interactive toys and puzzles. Created in 2000 as a piece of cutting edge media.
City Creator
A DHTML city designing site. Users can build cities, share them with their friends and send them as ecards.
A simple web-based game of consequences.
I worked on Flickr for over five years, from the very beginning. I ran the engineering teams and was chief architect.
The puerile digital arts community. I built the original site and maintained it for many years.
Digital-Web Magazine
I built the original digital-web CMS, migrating it from years of hand-crafted HTML documents.
A guide to CalTrain timetables, created for the launch of Yahoo! maps. Designed by Chris Messina
A proposed standard for describing embedding information
Rebecca D Reeve
The personal website of Rebecca Reeve
Tiny Speck
My new job.
Barbelith Underground
A community run by Tom Coates. Custom forum software by me
City Creator - Castleford
A special version of City Creator, built for the Channel 4 Castleford project.
Comics by Email
Would you like to have web comics sent to you directly via email, every day or once a week? Then signup to comicsbyemail.com - it's easy and it's free.

Things from the past

Uk Weblogs Aggregator
An aggregated collection of weblog post from UK webloggers.
MP3 Blogs
An aggregator of MP3 blogs, created with Simon Waldman. It went on to inspire Hype Machine